About Us

Why PageOne Performance?

Affordable. Targeted. Effective.

At PageOne Performance, we make it easy for businesses, like yours, to connect with motivated, customers who are looking online for the products and services you provide. Our solutions are easy, targeted, low-risk – and they work! We get our clients listed in the top rankings of all of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We are an experienced search engine marketing firm dedicated to drive extremely qualified Internet leads to businesses from customers around the corner or across the nation – at an affordable price with a highly measurable return on investment.

Whether a lawyer, restaurant, electrician, florist, or contractor – the list is endless – our mission at PageOne Performance is to help businesses get on “Page One” of the search results so they are found when customers are looking for what these businesses have to offer.

Here’s how it works:

A customer searches the internet.

A customer searches online for a product or service.
We know the right keywords to help them find you!

Your business in the top of the results!

This customer finds your business information in the top of the rankings and clicks on the link. We write the promotional copy that inspires the user to take action.

Customer visits your landing page or website.

This customer reads a targeted landing page specific to their search. We create a branded page or create the promotion that drives the user to your website.

You track activity online. Instant ROI.

Then the customer calls, emails or visits your website.
We provide tracking so you know what we do is working for you.

We help you grow your business. Another customer searches online…

We work with you to continue to grow your online customer base and your business.