Social Media Marketing

There are two key points of Search Engine Optimization that meet in Social Media Marketing: the importance of both original content and links. Popular social media sites offer high ranking profiles, which can be extremely valuable links to have to promote brand visibility in the search results.

With over a Billion users on Facebook, and over 300 million on Twitter, using social media as a way to create and promote quality customer interaction and engagement as well as forming an image and brand can be highly beneficial to your company. However, for social media to be an effective form of marketing, it is absolutely essential to be informed and decide on a strategy before diving in. Building social profiles and dumping links will never be enough.

Is Social Media Right for You

Ted Hong, the Chief Marketing Officer at Fandango, said something about Mobile that definitely rings true in Social Media: “just because it’s sexy, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for every company to have.”

We all know that social media is hugely popular, but the truth is that it’s not the right fit for everyone. All profiles might be structured the same, but this is not a cookie-cutter form of marketing – the whole point is its personal, individualized nature, and every company has different needs. We’ve mentioned before that SEO for companies that have a product hard for customers to get excited about (such as underground fuel tanks) can’t rely on people to naturally want to link to their site.

The same applies with social media – it’s social, which means that fostering an interaction between the company and its consumers is key. If your intended audience isn’t likely to find you or engage you via social media, then creating a number of different profiles could mean wasted time.

Being successful in social media and making it a useful resource to aid in your SEO, takes a lot of time and resources, and if you believe it is right for your company, PageOne Performance can help you create the individualized game plan you need to promote that success.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

There is alot of BUZZ around social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, YouTube, etc.) but how can it be leveraged by a plumbing contractor? How can you use social media to grow your plumbing business?

It all starts with understanding that social media is the new "Word Of Mouth". The best way to use it is to enhance the engagement/loyalty of your existing customers, and by extension of that and social media platforms, you will grow your repeat and word of mouth business.

  • Setup social media profiles on the major sites for your company:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Google Plus
  • Send an email blast to your existing email list (if you have one) letting them know that you want to connect with them on your social media profiles. Offer them some incentive to "Like," "Follow" and/or subscribe to you.
    • Discount off next purchase
    • Discount for their friends and family
    • Something of value for FREE
  • Add social media to your day-to-day business practices and systematically invite your customers to engage with you online.
    • Add links to your business cards, brochures, marketing materials, website and email signature.
    • Be sure to invite all of your customers to engage after service via follow-up email or as an insert on your invoice.
  • POST VALUABLE CONTENT - This may be the most important component of your social media strategy. If you have thousands of fans and followers but don't add value... you will have accomplished nothing. You need to post relevant updates, tips, ideas, techniques, news and special promotions on a daily basis. Try to keep 90% of your posts informational and 10% (or less) promotional.
  • Engage with your customers - You need to stay on top of your social media profiles and engage with your fans/followers when/if they post or reply to your profiles.

If you are looking leverage social media to grow your local retail or service business and want to obtain page ONE placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing for related keywords in your city, we can help.